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VIDEO: Mauricio Pellegrino’s gesticulations lead to comedy injury

by Aidan Elder | August 8, 2013

We know we shouldn’t laugh at someone getting hurt. It’s cruel and we shouldn’t take any form of joy in someone else’s physical or emotional pain. Unless it’s Justin Bieber getting trampled on by a herd of rampaging buffalo who have somehow managed to scrawl ‘Bieber sucks kangaroo anus’ on their sides. That’s fine.

Still though, sometimes it’s just too hard to keep it in. Like in this example from Argentina. Former so-called Liverpool defender, Mauricio Pellegrino is now managing Estudiantes. They’re defending a slender 1-0 lead against All Boys with seconds to go and as every overly animated manager knows, the only way to ensure you close it out for victory, is to wave frantically from the sidelines to communicate some vague message that the players probably don’t understand.

Anyway, it doesn’t take long for him to regret his histrionics as they trigger an old shoulder injury which leaves Pellegino in some pain. Still though, his team hung on to win, a dislocated shoulder isn’t that serious an injury and we’ve got some YouTube gold. Everyone’s a winner really. Except those losers over at All Boys.

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