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Monday Mancrush: Lee Westwood lights up our day with some fine troll bashing on Twitter

by Rob Dore | August 12, 2013

By Robert Dore

I hadn’t intended on doing a Monday Mancrush. Despite a weekend of some high-level sport no one sportsman captured my imagination. No one man stood out from the crowd with a display of manliness sufficient enough to tug on my mancrush heart-strings.

Until Lee Westwood took to Twitter. Legally I have been advised not to suggest that golf’s former world number one may have partaken in a few beverages before launching his assault. And an assault it was. A verbal blitzkrieg which may not have possessed the acidic rhetoric of Hunter S Thompson or the sharp wit of Johnathan Swift but he came out swinging and didn’t stop until the last troll had scuttled back under his bridge. Bravo sir, bravo.

Irked by criticism on Twitter over his final round at the US PGA on Sunday, Westwood decided enough was enough and abandoned the usual tiresome genericism which passes for being professionalism these days. He engaged the trolls head on. He also had a healthy dig at Colin Montgomerie and we think Joey Barton too. Though it’s hard to tell if his tweets to Joey were mere banter or not.

For giving in to his frustrations and publicly venting against the idiots on Twitter, Lee Westwood I salute. That’s why you’re my Monday Mancrush.

This final tweet is his champagne of victory. Westy is a far less douchey nickname than G-Mac. I approve.


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