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A season in tweets: Everton

by Aidan Elder | August 13, 2013
TOFF AT THE TOP - He won an FA Cup, but plenty still doubt Martinez's credentials

TOFF AT THE TOP – He won an FA Cup, but plenty still doubt Martinez’s credentials

Is he a managerial prodigy or is he just one man who got a bit lucky? Roberto Martinez is the man handed the task of filling David Moyes’s decade-old shoes and there’s more than enough justification for excessive doubt or hopeless optimism. Guiding Wigan to an FA Cup win with no shortage of style was a superb achievement, but it becomes slightly less superb unless you ignore the fact he finally got the Latics relegated after years of flirting with the drop.

Everton’s fortunes will depend a lot on how many players Moyes comes back to hoover up. If Fellaini and Baines go before the transfer window shuts, last season’s sixth place finish will instantly become just an end of season DVD review that gives fans a warm fuzzy feeling inside. To make matters worse, if Moyes does take the most prized Toffees, Everton can’t even claim the moral high ground because that’s pretty much what Martinez has done to Wigan. Kone, Joel and Alcaraz have all made the move and that may not be the end of it if shameless tittle-tattle is to be believed. Whether it’s a good plan is open to debate – much like giving Martinez the job.

Overly optimistic pre-season tweet:


Less optimistic Christmas-time tweet:


Bitterly disappointed end of season tweet:


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