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A season in tweets: Liverpool

by Aidan Elder | August 13, 2013
LUIS SUAREZ - We wish we could focus on someone else, but it's impossible

LUIS SUAREZ – We wish we could focus on someone else, but it’s impossible

At the time of writing, Luis Suarez hasn’t bitten anyone since May and is still a Liverpool player. As long as those two facts remain true for the majority of the new season, the Reds can keep their slim hopes of getting back into Champions League going until late on in the campaign when everyone resigns themselves to a place in the Europa League. If not, the new term could be as painful as wearing a t-shirt in support of a team-mate accused of using racist language.

The general consensus was Brendan Rodgers got the team playing some good football in his first season in charge, but defensive lapses meant it didn’t result in a better league position than Kenny Dalglish managed. If they keep Suarez, they can probably paper over those defensive cracks with lots of goals, but if not, Kolo Toure and Simon Mignolet probably aren’t enough to make a difference. Things may go well, but they probably won’t in which case there’ll probably be lots of complaints about bad luck and getting shafted by refs – you know the drill at this stage.

Overly optimistic pre-season tweet:


Less optimistic Christmas-time tweet:


Bitterly disappointed end of season tweet:


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