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A season in tweets: Manchester United

by Aidan Elder | August 14, 2013
SIR-TAIN TO SUCCEED? - Moyes is Sir Alex's pick, but will he live up to the expectations?

SIR-TAIN TO SUCCEED? – Moyes is Sir Alex’s pick, but will he live up to the expectations?

This season was always going to be about how David Moyes would go about the considerable task of filling Fergie’s shoes and the lack of transfer activity at Old Trafford has only increased the focus on Manchester United’s new manager. As yet he has failed to attract the marquee signing United fans are accustomed to seeing over the summer although there’s time for that to change and this is pretty much the same squad that won the league at a canter last season.

Moyes worked wonders at Everton to move them up the league table with limited resources and financial prudence, but it says a lot that the achievement hasn’t won him the unanimous support of United fans. Already the dreaded #MoyesOut hashtag has reared it’s pointless head on Twitter and although it’s best ignoring such knee-jerk drivel, it does emphasise how much pressure comes with the Old Trafford hot-seat. If the hashtag makes a few more appearances in the opening weeks of the season, it’s a sign that the unrrest is genuine and Fergie’s pleas for patience will be tested.

Overly optimistic pre-season tweet:


Less optimistic Christmas-time tweet:


Bitterly disappointed end of season tweet:


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