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A season in tweets: Tottenham

by Aidan Elder | August 14, 2013
GAR YOU STILL HERE? - Please God Bale will soon be a Real player and this transfer saga will end

GAR YOU STILL HERE? – Please God, Bale will soon be a Real player and this transfer saga will end

It’s hard to do a preview when you’re not sure if the main part of your one man team will be around for the new season. Let’s make the bold assumption that one day the Gareth Bale transfer saga will end and that conclusion will result in him not living up to the insane price tag at Real Madrid.

Without trying to give Bale a verbal e-bitch slap, his departing may not be Armageddon for Spurs – in the ‘end of times’ sense rather than the ‘shit Hollywood movie’ sense. Yes they won’t have Gareth Bale, but they might have enough quality players to ensure they need a lot less spectacular last minute winners from their superstar game winner. Clearly using the Bale saga as a distraction so he can go about the business of strengthening his squad, Andre Villas-Boas has brought in Roberto Soldado, Paulinho and Nacer Chadli. It should be enough to keep them in the race for Champions League football, but there’s no guarantee it will actually get them Champions League football.

Overly optimistic pre-season tweet:


Less optimistic Christmas-time tweet:


Bitterly disappointed end of season tweet:


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