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Neville Southall: Why on earth does Suarez want to go to Arsenal?

by Paddy Power Admin | August 15, 2013


Neville Southall knows a thing or two about loyalty at a club. He played 747 times for Everton in a career that spanned three decades. This season he joins the Paddy Power Blog as columnist to offer no-holds-barred insight on what’s become of the beautiful game. Here’s what he thinks of the Suarez mess.

I’d love to have seen Brian Clough handle Luis Suarez because he’d have been playing in the A team on Saturday, if he was lucky.

What Suarez has done has been disgraceful. Disgraceful. He’s rubbished Liverpool’s name by announcing publically his desire to leave, even though he’s got three years left on his contract.

Liverpool FC have previously backed their player and did everything to support Suarez. Then, he turns around and kicks them in the bollocks? It’s time to say, ‘hang on a minute’.

Liverpool have emerged with some credit with strong-arm tactics.


Liverpool fans deserve better

The noises Suarez is making now, he realises he might have to stay and needs the fans on his side. People need to remember, it’s about the club, not Luis Suarez. They cannot afford for the player to dictate to the club, because then it’s the next player, and the next player…

The clubs have to seize the player. You’ve got a contract. If you don’t want to play for the first team, get in the reserves, or get on with it.

It’s fair of Liverpool to say, ‘we’ve done all this for you and this is how you treat us?’ Nobody doubts the ability of Luis Suarez. You want him in your team. But he’s got to show a lot more respect to those supporters. They have been very loyal so it’s about time he’s shown some bloody loyalty back.

There’s not that many people who show loyalty any more. You’re bound to get fed up now and then, but you’ve got to realise when you’re well off.

Suarez is playing for one of the biggest clubs in the world; with some of the best supporters in the land, best league in the world – why does he want to go to Arsenal?

Why would you possibly want to go there when their squad is in a slightly worse position than Liverpool? I don’t understand it.

Suarez has got to look at David Beckham – Beckham got slaughtered after his sending off for England against Argentina in 1998 at the World Cup. He got harassed and the press made dartboards out of his head at one point.

Beckham turned it round with performances on the pitch. OK, he fell out with Alex Ferguson but Beckham proved his worth with every club he’s been at since Manchester United.

What Suarez really needs to do…

Arsenal might only play two games in the Champions League and then go out. So Suarez is moving for two games? He’d be a laughing stock.

If you’re really, really concerned with Liverpool FC, pal – get your boots on, score some goals and get Liverpool into the Champions League at the end of the season.

If Suarez thinks all the press hates him and everybody else, use that to motivate yourself, rise above it and become the best player in the world.

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