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Mee-maw! mee-maw! It’s the Football Conference Fun Police – but Paddy’s fighting for Farnborough

by Paddy Power Admin | August 16, 2013

Farnborough’s first two fixtures of the new season have been postponed by the Football Conference, the joyless tubes.

Farnborough exited administration this week, in spectacular fashion, thanks to Paddy Power as we created the greatest team ever. (Read about that here)


WHAT A TEAM: But the Football conference is desperate to thwart Paddy Power and Farnborough

Paddy Power vs faceless Football Conference gorps

However, the club was then asked for a £100,000 bond and for other conditions to be met before starting the season, as reported by the BBC.

Paddy Power agreed to pay this bond.

But a Football Conference spokesman told the BBC that Farnborough had failed to meet a deadline on Friday and has now pulled the plug on the opening fixtures.

However, there’s more to the Conference side of things than Farnborough ‘failed to meet a deadline’ and their claim that the club “was unable to meet the criteria” before a deadline of 3pm on Friday.

Frankly, it’s bollocks. Here’s our side of the story.

Paddy Power (the man) as spokesperson for Farnborough FC sponsors Paddy Power (that’s us) said: “We’ve been led a merry dance by the Football Conference all week. In accordance with their demands, we’ve been trying our best to post a £100,000 bond on behalf of Farnborough FC and have been continually obstructed by their faceless executives. We even have proof that the bond has been sent to them.”

“What a way to treat a club that’s fought its way back from the brink, not to mention the fans who will be crestfallen that the first games involving the likes of Messi, Beckham, Pele and Maradona all playing together in the same team have been prevented by the spoilsport administrators at the Football Conference. It’s appalling that they’ve taken this action in a week when Farnborough FC has made positive headlines for Conference Football and has gained millions of new fans from all over the world. We definitely have a new favourite for our Ball of Shame season review.”

Farnborough described the demand of the £100,000 bond from the Conference as “staggering”.

The BBC reports that Farnborough’s opening two games at home to Chelmsford City and away to Havant & Waterlooville, originally scheduled for Saturday and Monday, will be re-arranged.

More as we get it…GRRRRRRR

Meanwhile, please show your support for Farnborough and their fans any way you can. Read their statement here.

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