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Err … thanks for that, goal-line technology

by Aidan Elder | August 18, 2013

We know what it’s like. You get a newfangled gizmo and you just can’t wait to use it. Any excuse will do.

It was a bit like that yesterday as the new Premier League season kicked off. The powers that be have spent a load of money on installing goal-line technology to tell when the ball has crossed the line and they were determined to use. So determined in fact, they didn’t let a complete and total lack of debatable goal-line incidents stop them. The used it at every even vaguely available opportunity.

We got several illustrations of how shots that weren’t anywhere near going over the line weren’t over the line, but this might have been the pick of the unnecessary bunch. Apparently Ryan Shawcross’s attempt at goal against Liverpool that wasn’t even close to going over the line and that the Stoke players didn’t even appeal for, didn’t go over the line. Thanks for that technology.


There will be a time in the not distant future when the technology proves its worth. This wasn’t it.


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