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GIF: Well, this is rather embarrassing – a bit of a howler from the hurling

by Aidan Elder | August 18, 2013

It’s the second All-Ireland hurling semi-final between Limerick and Clare today in Dublin. And although that may not mean a lot to you, there is something in it that will appeal to everyone – a hilarious GIF.

Basically, the sideline cut is like the thrown-in in association football – a way to restart the game when the ball goes out over the sideline. That’s slightly misleading, because it’s a far more difficult skill to master than a thrown-in. Still though, it’s not this tough.

Limerick player, Shane Dowling is the culprit. He completely whiffs his first attempt. No big deal, just compose and give it another go. He does, but that results in another, possibly more comical whiff and the ball again remaining stationery. In the end, he gives up and just taps it to a team-mate. It’s made somewhat better by the commentator’s assertion that ‘he’s usually very good at these’ seconds before his double whiff.

Slightly embarrassing for all concerned, but still slightly less embarrassing than Limerick’s first half performance.



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