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VIDEO: Angry Arsenal fan gives us a very enjoyable rant

by Aidan Elder | August 18, 2013

Arsenal started the season with a defeat at home to Aston Villa yesterday. But it’s ok, they’ve got about £100 million in the bank and the Emirates stadium is still big enough and shiny enough to almost feel like a trophy.

Losing to Villa is never the most palatable of experiences, but in view of Arsene Wenger’s unwillingness to break out the club cheque-book, it’s particularly frustrating for the passionate Gooners out there.

Like this guy, who had a chat with Arsenal FanTalk after the match. Well, we say ‘chat’, but it’s more like a good old fashioned rant. ‘Wenger out’ and (chief executive) ‘Ivan Gazidis out’ are the two main themes of that rant. Well, that and his apparent belief that Wenger and Gazidis live in the camera judging by his angry pointing.

Good rant sir, keep them coming. It should also come with a bad language warning, but it’s amusing bad language, so it’s ok.


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