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Ball of Shame infographic: Manchester City challenge Stoke for dirtiest team honour

by Paddy Power Admin | August 23, 2013

By Josh Powell | Table of Shame

Whether you’re a ‘Northern monkey’ or a ‘Soft Southerner’ is decided by where you were born and dictates what you wear, what you eat, and whether you tune in to Albert Square or Coronation Street.

Who’s dirtier in the Premier League?

Northerners vs Southerners

North v South Ball of Shame infographic

The Paddy Power Blog now has the Ball of Shame stats to prove who’s officially the dirtiest team in the Premier League. Drum roll….. Stoke City. OK, so that’s about as surprising as a death threat from a One Direction fan.

  • But Manchester City are not far behind as they (almost) kicked their way to the title last year with 470 fouls conceded
  • In comparison, Premier League champions Manchester United’s figure was just 378
  • For red cards, the average was three each, with Arsenal (5) doing most of the damage for the South

The battlelines have been drawn already for the new Premier League season. The Northerners are kitted out in their flatcaps, drinking pints of gravy. The Southerners are looking down their noses while polishing their monocles. Get stuck in.

(Infographic design by Eleanor Kellenberger/Paddy Power)

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