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TIGHT ARSE-NE SPECIAL: A free £5.01 bet for Paddy Power’s Arsenal fans

by Aidan Elder | August 23, 2013


To make up for the lack of football and all the pretending cricket is the best game in the world, normally football’s off-season is a time for transfers and wildly optimistic speculation about imminent glory.

You know what we’re talking about – the classic:


Not so if you’re an Arsenal fan. Despite being linked to a multitude of stars and going to the effort of filling out a bank withdrawal slip to the value of £40,000,001, their recruitment department remains emptier than Michael Barrymore’s work schedule. It’s become a bit of a running joke really, summed up by this (apologies for the self-trumpet blowing) depressingly accurate gag:

Well fear not, Arsenal fans. Because things have been so quiet around the Human Resources department at the Emirates, we’re giving you a Free Bet to the playfully specific amount of £5.01.

For Spurs to be such big spenders, whilst Arsene Wenger brings in one guy on a free transfer (and then suffer a thumping on the first day, a red card and three injuries) – it doesn’t get much worse, so we’re compensating the suffering Arsenal fans.

  • Any Paddy Power customers who have already set Arsenal as their team on our incredibly helpful Team Pages will get the free bet to use as they see fit.
  • If you haven’t done so already, sorry you get nothing but a sense of regret for your procrastination. But don’t miss out again – get your e-self to our Team Pages now and set Arsenal as your team.

Or, if you’re a voyeuristic non-Arsenal fan reading this just to be a bit nosey, like a child jealously looking in a sweet shop window with his nose pressed up against the glass while rich kids get all the Dip Dabs, go to the Team Pages and select your preference as your favourite club.

Aside from giving you all the odds related to your team and a whole host of stats, you could also benefit from getting a free bet whenever your club does something a bit #BallofShame. And do it soon, because a Ball of Shame moment is never too far away.


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