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Ball of Shame: Ain’t that a kick in the head – ref takes one to the face

by Paddy Power Admin | August 26, 2013

ref paraguay

Paraguay. A country renowned for fluffy bunnies and golden sunsets.

This fella really lets the side down though, in proper Ball of Shame style.

During the Liga Regional del Sud game between Coronel Romero and Porvenir, a mentalist tackle ended in a straight red card for Porvenir’s Aldo Olmedo.

A team-mate protests to the referee, bumping him in the chest, and gets sent off too.

All hell breaks loose and Porvenir’s No11 gets airborne to kick the ref straight in the face. (Fair play to the ref, though, who took it like a man).

The fact that riot police were on the scene sharpish, and the general state of the gaff, makes us suspect trouble was anticipated. Like dinner at the Katonas.

The game was called off with Coronel 2-0 up.


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