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Video: Eminem acts a little weird on live ESPN half-time show

by Rob Dore | September 8, 2013

If you knew more than one line of a Miley Ray Cyrus song before she butt-humped Robin Thicke’s leg during the VMAs then Eminem may be a touch before your time. Or at least when he was relevant.

With a new album to promote the 40-year old, real name Marshall Mathers, appeared live during the half-time show of the college football game between Michigan and Notre Dame. Whoever’s idea it was to have him on should be given a raise. Everything about it screams bizarre in the best possible way.

Watch as he stares gormlessly at the camera for four seconds and then bumbles through an awkward chat with announcers Brent Musberger and Kirk Herbstreit.

He claimed “live tv freaks [him] out”. I’m certainly not accusing the 8 Mile star of anything untoward but when Eminem gets freaked out he sure looks like he’s tripping balls.

Michigan won 41-30 by the way.

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