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Tell us about your ‘me time’ and get yourself some Free Bets

by Aidan Elder | September 9, 2013


What would you do with some ‘me time’?
And don’t say ‘magically transport myself to a world where Paddy Power don’t shamelessly try to get me to read about the wide variety of their product range’ cos that’s just mean. Besides, it’s worth sticking this one out because there’s some juicy Free Bet shaped carrots at the end of it.

We’ve all had those moments when you just want a bit of space. Whether it’s in your office, home or airplane cockpit, sometimes we just need to get away from it all. And by ‘it all’ we mean ‘people we don’t actually like.’

That’s the theme of our latest Bingo ads as our more fragrant and ‘less amused by fart jokes’ cousins over in the department take the ‘We Hear You’ message to the number game playing masses. They’ve put together easily our favourite bingo ad EVER; mainly because it doesn’t involve someone who used to be quite famous saying things she doesn’t really mean for money.

Ha and indeed ha. But there’s a serious point to it all. Kind of. It got us thinking, where do you like to go to when your get turfed out of the house for no particular reason? If you were the poor lad who just got forcibly removed from his own home, where would you like to end up?

’16th Century Florence’, ‘a warm toilet seat on a cold January morning’ and ‘Kevin Costner’s house just before he agreed to do Waterworld’ are just some of the less mental ideas we got when we did a quick poll of the Paddy Power offices and now it’s over to you. Where would you like to be transported to?

Telling us is simples. Here’s how:

  • Click these words to get to an incredibly straight-forward form
  • log-in with your Paddy Power details
  • submit your idea
  • Deposit £/€5 and play some bingo (we’ll also give you a Free €/£20 bet to use on Paddy Power Bingo to seal the deal)
  • We’ll also give you a Free £/€2 bet to use on Paddy Power Sportsbook

Full terms and conditions are available here, but really this promotion couldn’t be easier if it was a self-conscious teenager desperately trying to compensate for a lack of paternal affection by seeking validation in pointless casual sex. Tell us about your ‘me time’ and you can land yourself some pretty useful free bets.


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