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Twitter Reaction: How social media has reacted to Paddy Power and Stonewall’s Rainbow Laces

by Paddy Power Admin | September 16, 2013


We hope you’ve heard about Paddy Power’s campaign with gay rights charity Stonewall to tackle homophobia. If not, you can read about it in The Metro, Guardian, Daily Mail or via our ambassador Joey Barton on Twitter and under the hashtag #RBGF.

Reaction has been very positive on social media with even the majority of brainless trolls reconginising the good intentions behind the campaign. Here, the Paddy Power Blog presents some of the best social media reaction so far. Take a bow, Twitter.

THIS JUST IN: Sky Sports’ lovely Hayley McQueen gets involved

Marketing industry bible, @BrandRepublic explain the campaign

Cork hurling legend and one of the most prominent male athletes to come out while still playing, Donal Og Cusack lends his support

Random tweeter, Louis Tryer gives Joey Barton’s efforts a ringing endorsement. Sort of

Possibly our favourite source of LGBT news, GayStarNews tell their followers about the Rainbow Laces campaign:

Yes, this is the real Michael Barrymore.

Alex of House Wilson extols the virtues of not trying to sell people crap and doing something useful for the world.

Debbie Longmuir wants a pair of laces, but not for her football boots, for her handbag. While Coco Chanel is probably turning fashionably in her grave, it’s a novel way to show support.

More slightly back-handed support for Joey Barton, this time from Chris Halvorsen

Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual and Transgender History Month isn’t until February, but hopefully this is something the people at @LGBTHM will be talking about long after then.

Random golf enthusiast, Paul H Lynch wants a pair

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