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#RBGF – Players and Twitter lace up to show support

by Paddy Power Admin | September 17, 2013

You can’t have missed the anti-homophobia campaign Paddy Power and Stonewall are running right now. For those at the back, we’re Right Behind Gay Footballers and are urging players to wear Rainbow Laces this weekend to show their support.

Here’s the best of the reaction today as the first players get involved…

Paddy Power and Stonewall call for players to lace up…

…which is getting great support on Twitter #RBGF

…Ireland international and current Hull City Tigers midfielder is one of the first to get involved

…that’s after Joey, of course, who is our ambassador

…a reminder that Rainbow Laces look awesome with all footwear

…but, yes, they look best in boots

…or if you’ve got lovely hair, don’t rule this out

A question goes to Everton, and the brilliant reply

We hope so!

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