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VIDEO: Tennis players have incredibly lame, but very amusing on court bust-up

by Aidan Elder | September 21, 2013

Tennis has always been considered one of the more genteel sports. The lack of physical contact between players and fact that you tend to bump into the the same faces numerous times a season for multiple seasons means that public spats are a rarity.

A lot of the beefs are expressed through bitchy comments in the media or cross court slagging matches that we can’t totally follow because the TV channels are too afraid of few cuss words being involved. Fudging winkers.

Like this example from the St. Petersburg Open. Ernests Gulbis gets into an amusing row with Roberto Bautista-Agut over the former’s squeaky shoes.

Yes, that’s squeaky shoes. And don’t worry, that’s not some new-fangled euphemism for something worse, it really means squeaky shoes. The Spaniard takes exception to what he sees as the excessive squeaking of Gulbis’s shoes off the court surface, prompting the Latvian player to childishly yet highly amusingly retort:

I do what I want. You are moving your arms all the time and I don’t say nothing

It must be said, not moving your arms in tennis generally proves to be a significant barrier to success.

Thereafter it gets a bit dull, but hang on until the end when Bautista-Agut smashes his racket off the ground. All because of squeaky shoes. Tee and indeed hee.



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