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GIF: BOOM! David takes on Goliath, David pounds him into the ground

by Aidan Elder | September 22, 2013

If you’re feeling a bit rough this Sunday morning and a bit sorry for yourself, then spare a thought for this college football player.

Ryan Mueller is six foot two and just shy of 250lbs and plays in the Kansas State Wildcats’ defensive line, so he must have fancied his chances of taking on comparatively diminutive Texas Longhorns running back during a play in last night’s game.

Sadly, the laws of physics didn’t work in his favour as the Longhorn built up some speed, ploughed into his rib cage and sent him flying onto the ground. Our favourite bit is when his feet actually leave the ground. It’s ok to enjoy it, because after a couple of minutes of piecing his ribs back together, he got up and was fine. Except for all the emotional damage.


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