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Manchester City v Manchester United: where the money is going

by Aidan Elder | September 22, 2013
SIR-TAIN TO SUCCEED? - Moyes is Sir Alex's pick, but how will he fare in his 1st Manchester Derby

SIR-TAIN TO SUCCEED? – Moyes is Sir Alex’s pick, but how will he fare in his 1st Manchester Derby

By Aidan Elder | Chief sports writer

Two managers and a handful of players who haven’t been exposed to the white heat of a Manchester Derby before. It’s unpredictable at the best of times, but with so many new faces, this one could be especially uncertain. The Paddy Power Blog has taken a look at how the betting in the major markets in the hope of seeing some sort of trend.


Match Betting

When it comes to picking a winner, it’s closer than a ‘who is the stupidest?’ between Jedward. City are the hosts, but United’s relatively lofty price has clearly been a factor in their popularity. Both teams have attracted 46 per cent of the Win-Draw-Win market and with the stalemate hoovering up the remaining 8 per cent of the cash.

Draw No Bet

Taking the draw out of the equation, we get a much clearer idea of the betting public’s real feelings. Suddenly United emerge as the more popular choice, claiming a whopping 86 per cent of all bets in the market versus just 14 per cent for City. Draws have been rarer than active hair follicles on Wayne Rooney’s head in recent times, so the support for United is worth the speculation.

First Goalscorer

The mysterious power of Wayne Rooney’s magic headband has catapulted him to the position of most popular First Goalscorer bet. Three goals in his last two games have grabbed the attention and the lack of some amusing headwear has hurt the more prolific, Robin van Persie’s popularity. The Dutchman is still very popular however, far more so than most of Manchester City’s goalscoring options. Sergio Aguero is the Citizens best backed player and he’s followed by Dzeko, Toure and Negredo. City have more numerous popular options, but it’s Rooney and RVP that dominate the betting.

Correct Score

Perhaps sensing that a draw in the Manchester Derby is ‘due’, Correct Score backers have firmly got behind the 1-1 Draw. It’s by far and away the most popular option in the market. Trailing by some distance are a hotchpotch of scorelines that suggest narrow wins for either City or United (1-0, 2-1, 3-2). The 4-4 draw is the one result Paddy Power will be hiding behind the sofa in fear of. It’s not the most popular option, but it’s had some support and at odds of 250/1, it doesn’t take too much interest to make it more dangerous than saying ‘bite me’ to Luis Suarez.

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