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VIDEO: Goalie makes one of the most cocky dumb-ass mistakes you’re likely ever see

by Aidan Elder | September 23, 2013

Goalkeepers often get excessive abuse they don’t deserve. And sometimes they get abuse they deserve because what they’ve done is mindbogglingly inept and inexplicable.

Falling into the latter category is Eugen Hmaruc, a stopper (we use that word advisedly) for Moldovan first division outfit, Dinamo-Auto. When tasked with dealing with a tame, lofty cross that looks as dangerous as a sleepy kitten, he tries to be a bit of a smartass and control the ball.

It goes as about as well as allowing Paolo Di Canio to manage your squad of Premier League players and Rapid Ghidighici profit with one of the easiest goals they’re ever likely to get. Enjoy.


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