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Cash in on a 16/1 Capital One Cup accumulator and avoid The Great British Bake Off

by Josh Powell | September 24, 2013
FOOTBALL > FONDUE: Punters and Paddy have got the Capital One Cup on the brain

FOOTBALL > FONDUE: Punters and Paddy have got the Capital One Cup on the brain

By Josh Powell | Capital One Cup Third Round

Tuesday nights are currently full of people watching Sue Perkins tucking into a trifle and then tweeting pictures of themselves hopelessly attempting to rustle up a desert of their own. A recipe for disaster.

Luckily the Capital One Cup returns which gives us a tasty 16/1 accumulator without the risk of setting the dog on fire while attempting to blowtorch your brulee.

  • In round three of this competition in 2012, 15 of the 16 games had over 1.5 goals
  • In the same round in 2011, 14 of the 16 games had over 1.5 goals
  • And in round three in 2010, 15 of the games had over 1.5 goals

The long and short is that whether the big sides play their strongest teams or not, there tends to be goals. This year is no different with 24 of the 25 second round matches (96 per cent) containing over 1.5 goals.

The only match in the second round which didn’t produce the goods was Hull’s 1-0 away victory against Leyton Orient, but if you went into that game thinking it was going to be a thriller you should really question your own sanity.

Going into the matches on Tuesday and Wednesday, it would be fair to assume based on these stats, that there will be a truckload of goals. An accumulator on every game to have over 1.5 goals pays out a nifty 16/1.

16/1 over 1.5 goals accumulator

West Ham v Cardiff 1/4
Hull v Huddersfield 1/4
West Brom v Arsenal 1/5
Tranmere v Stoke 2/9
Newcastle v Leeds 1/6
Man United v Liverpool 2/9
Birmingham v Swansea 1/5
Fulham v Everton 2/9
Watford v Norwich 1/6
Swindon v Chelsea 1/7
Sunderland v Peterborough 1/6
Southampton v Bristol City 1/8
Man City v Wigan 1/9
Leicester v Derby 1/6
Burnley v Nottingham Forest 2/9
Aston Villa v Tottenham 2/9

[Click here for a super handy link to the over/under 1.5 coupon]

Unfortunately in two of the last three years, one result would have cost this accumulator, and in the second round of the league cup this year you would have been let down by a single result as well. If you’re worried that one of these games could send your acca tits up (I’m looking at you West Ham v Cardiff) you could put the 16 results in fifteen-folds.

16 fifteen-folds at £1 a line would cost you £16 but if all the results come in will return £219. If one result lets you down you’ll still get between £13 and £14.50 back in your bank so your e-wallet won’t have taken too much of a hit for the gamble.

It takes out the risk of one game costing you a pay out and thus reduces the chances of you angrily swearing at the television, abusing a professional footballer on Twitter or punting your neighbour’s cat on to the train tracks.

Alternatively take out the two 1/4 shots, which are, according to the traders upstairs in Power Tower, the two least likely games to contain over 1.5 goals. The matches in question are West Ham’s home tie against Cardiff and Huddersfield’s thrilling trip to face Hull City Tigers. The 14 game accumulator still pays out at 10/1.

Now all that is left to do is sit back, treat yourself to a cheeky lager on a school night, tick the goals off as they come in and most importantly, make sure nobody else gets hold of the remote.

The last thing you need is someone to turn The Great British Bake Off on while your waiting for Chelsea to hammer a few past Swindon.

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