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GIF: A slick way of recovering from Gareth Southgate-ing a penalty

by Aidan Elder | September 25, 2013

Missing a penalty is never a nice feeling, but missing it with a particularly lame effort a la Gareth Southgate in a Euro 96 semi-final.

Last weekend, Glenn Van Der Linden of Hoogstraten provided the, to use the technical term, ‘lame-ass penalty’, but saved himself a future career of Pizza Hut ads and sitting in the ITV studio fearing a verbal beating from Roy Keane with his quick and athletic reactions. The rebound comes back to him and somehow, he manages to control the ball and overhead kick the ball into the top corner of the net. Totes amazeballs or whatever they say in Belgium.

Anyway, here’s the GIF. Apologies about the low quality. But there’s nothing we can do about the Belgian second division! Boom, boom!



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