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VIDEO: Freaky hailstorm calls an amusing halt to Peruvian match

by Aidan Elder | September 30, 2013

Footballers are just overly pampered man-children. That’s basically the stereotype we thought was being reinforced when we heard about a Peruvian Premier League match being halted due to a so called ‘hailstorm’ yesterday evening. Pah – hailstorm? Why that’s just basically teeny tiny bits of ice gently cooling your skin. Like a Slush Puppy.

Then we saw the aforementioned hailstorm and suddenly we felt a pang of sympathy for the players involved. At first, the players of Sporting Huancayo and Alianza Lima try to get on with it, but after a few seconds, the referee realises it’s not worth the hassle and allows the players to scurry their way to shelter.

It’s all over in the space of a few minutes, but all of a sudden, the pitch looks positive arctic and our notions about Peruvian manliness have plummeted through the floor.


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