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Doh! Is Comic Guy about to leaf the Simpsons?

by Sean Goff | October 2, 2013

FACING THE CHOP: Who’s going to draw the short straw in the Simpsons 

The Simpsons | Latest betting

More than 10 million  tuned in to watch the finale of Breaking Bad but Paddy’s on red alert with the news that a popular character in The Simpsons is about to get the chop.

It may be 18 years ago since baby Maggie was revealed as Monty Burns would-be assassin – but Paddy still has the scars after a punt by a group of Irish students well and truly pulled his pants down.

Back in the day when a nine-year old Mark Zuckerberg could only dream of owning the world and Twitter was something that birds did – the students took time off from collecting traffic cones to back Maggie Simpson at an eye-popping 500/1. What Paddy didn’t know then was that they’d been on the blower to the States where the episode had already aired and been given the heads up by a friend.

But Paddy (never,) (rarely)  won’t be allowed to make the same mistake twice.

A gamble on Comic Guy (3/1 from 50s) has already seen a meeting with the bean counters flash up on his calendar as speculation intensifies on who’s for the axe in the 25th series of the mega-popular series. He’s already been killed off in the Simpsons movie and a Halloween Special and could be set to make it third time unlucky.

A Paddy Power spokesperson said:

“Ay, caramba! Last time we opened the betting on The Simpsons Maggie cleared us out after she shot Mr. Burns. The latest installment is shaping up to be the biggest whodunnit since OJ and his rubber glove.”

Paddy’s made old timer Abe, Homer’s ancient dad, 5/2 favourite to answer the door to the Grim Reaper. While liver failure for Barney Gumble is next best in the market at 3/1.

Resident bad guy Sideshow Bob makes it into the top four at 7/2 ahead of the sexy school miss Edna Krabappel at 4/1. Unsurprisingly, Homer is the rank outsider at 200/1.

Elsewhere, Paddy is speculating on the cause of death with 5/1 revenge murder the current favourite ahead of 8/1 radiation poisoning,  50/1 broken heart and 66/1 donought overdose.

  •  Betting: Draw your own conclusions on who’ll get the chop with Paddy’s latest odds here 


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