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Spoiler Alert! Why Hannah Barret is a good bet on X Factor (but there’s tears and tantrums on the way)

by Paddy Power Admin | October 4, 2013

Shhhh! Don’t tell Nicole but the Paddy Power Blog has a shadowy insider at X Factor. Each week The Spoiler dishes the dirt on what’s really going on behind the scenes and will (hopefully) provide some decent tips for you lot. We can’t do anything about how terrible the show is, but you might take some cash from Paddy…


The Spoiler | X Factor judges’ homes

THIS weekend sees the four X Factor judges sharpen their knives and break the hopes and dreams of 12 wannabe singers.

On Saturday and Sunday night Louis, Sharon, Nicole and Gary pick their three acts to go through to next week’s live finals (which I’m told will be an 80s-themed special).

And, if you thought last week’s ‘chairs of fate’ stunt was cruel, you haven’t seen anything yet. Some of the show favourites, bankers on the Paddy Power site, are up for the chop.

The most ruthless judges’ home is Nicole’s. I hear that one supposed dead cert is left in tears after falling at the final hurdle.

Odds on Tamara a little short

Tamara Foster is already odds-on favourite to win the show at about 10/3, and it would be almost impossible not to see her go through. Those odds are a little short though because Tamara has already had major clashes with Nicole over her attitude, time keeping and laziness.

While I believe Tamara will sail through to the live shows she will struggle to win the X Factor outright. From the girls, my early bet would be Hannah Barret at 11/1. She is the darling of the entire cast; she is one of Nicole’s favourites and has the talent to match. While she does not have the raw ability of Tamara, she has a likeability factor that will make her a hit with the voting public and at 11/1 is a great bet.

Nicholas should go through

Melanie McCabe is 10/1 to win the show but according to my sources has not ‘floated Nicole’s boat’. I have been told that Nicole does not really rate the Irish girl. She could be the major casualty of this weekend’s shows.

With the boys, Nicholas McDonald is the second favourite to win the show and, for me, has the potential to be the next Leon Jackson. Now that may mean he will win the show and disappear off the face of the planet but the fact he can harness that huge Scottish vote means Louis Walsh would be crazy not to put him through.

Best bet for punters

For me, the gamblers’ bet has to be Luke Friend. I know he impressed everyone at judges’ homes and will be a big hit with the public. My insiders also told me that Sinitta appeared wearing a prosthetic pregnancy bump in a bid to humiliate Simon Cowell and his pregnancy news. I understand they filmed one scene of her arriving at the French villa wearing a bikini, a pair of high heels and the fake belly, but you can bet your last red cent that Simon will make sure this footage will end up on the cutting room floor. (We did manage to get a sneaky picture of Sinitta on a balcony with her bump, see below). Distasteful, given her pregnancy news last week?

Sinitta bump

Mrs O and the overs is a tight category. At 7-1 to win the competition, Sam Bailey is almost a sure thing to make it through to the live shows. I understand she is going to get the mother of all make-overs. The sort of eight-man beauty team they used to doll-up Susan Boyle will be unleashed on the prison guard’s t-zone, wardrobe and hairline.

Who does this guy think he is?

Paddy Power has Joseph Whelan at 16-1 to win the show but those odds are awful, at best. According to my source in the Sharon camp, Joseph is already beginning to grate on the judge and the other contestants. He is extremely driven and bordering on cocky which has not been well received.

Already some of the crew have had to put him in his place as he is ordering them around like servants at Mrs O’s place. Much like Chris Maloney, it is impossible to hide your inner diva in such a pressure-cooker environment and the public will turn away from him. Also watch out for tension from Sharon herself, who had a blazing row with the producers after they told her she couldn’t have Ozzy as her co-mentor. While none of it is on camera, I am told her demeanour is as cold as ice (not that you would know from the amount of work she has had done).

Gary is fuming at the groups

The groups are, for me, the most disappointing category this year. At 33/1 Rough Copy are a good outside bet but I can’t see any of them making it to the grand final. They are like Sunderland, you want them to do well but you know they haven’t a chance of finishing in the top half of the table.

My show sources tell me Gary is fuming at getting the groups as he had his heart set on the boys’ category. I have been told he knows he is in for a rough ride and has already told producers he might not be back next year as a result of his poor category. This does not bode well for the likes of Kingsland and Brick City who are also decent groups. Gary is 9/1 to win the show. That is not generous. There is more chance of Robbie Williams releasing an album titled ‘Humility’.

What I can guarantee you for this weekend is more tantrums, tears and tense, long pauses as the X Factor delivers their final cut.

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