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Spoiler Alert! The X Factor groups are in trouble, and there’s another nasty surprise

by Josh Powell | October 8, 2013

Shhhh! Don’t tell Nicole but the Paddy Power Blog has a shadowy insider at X Factor. Each week The Spoiler dishes the dirt on what’s really going on behind the scenes and will (hopefully) provide some decent tips for you lot. We can’t do anything about how terrible the show is, but you might take some cash from Paddy…


The Spoiler | X Factor Week One

So the audition stages of the X Factor are done and there is not a dry eye left in the competition.

Never in my life have I seen so many tears and tantrums in what is supposed to be an up beat and entertaining show.

At times it was warranted, particularly when Irish hopeful Melanie McCabe was given the chop (despite being described by Gary as the best voice in the competition).

I have been told that Melanie was so upset she refused to allow the camera crew to film her home-coming and that is why she was absent on Sunday night’s end of show.

The finalists have also been given the mother of all make-overs which includes glamour shots, teeth cleaning and whitening and supplied with a new wardrobe.

Sam_overs Xfactor makeover

Cowell doesn’t do friendly

Unlike last year they are all being put back into a communal house in a South London suburb. The reason for this, I’m told, is because last year Rylan and Lucy Spraggan caused mayhem in the Corinthia Hotel (drinking and partying until the small hours), and as a result the five-star hotel refused to home the wannabes this year.

And if they thought the chairs of fate was the final nasty surprise they can think again. The producers are tipped to introduce a Saturday night vote.

  • At the end of the performances on Saturday, the voting lines will open for 10 minutes.
  • The act with the lowest tally will automatically go into Sunday night’s sing-off.

They hope this will add a bit more drama to the Saturday night and give them a bit of a boost in the ratings war against Strictly on the BBC. The first celebrity act to perform on the show (and I am told there are going to be a lorry-list of A-Listers including Miley Cyrus) will be Cher. The granny of pop will sing and perform on the Sunday night as well as share a few choice worlds of advice with the contestants (and presumably some anti-aging chatter with Mrs O).

Paddy is also offering odds on who will perform on the show and I can tell you for absolute certain that One Direction will perform at some stage. At 1/5 it’s not worth much but if you fancy a sure thing than this is it.

The big question: Who’s for the boot?

Paddy Power is offering 3/1 on Lorna Simpson to get the chop. I’m not so sure that will happen. If there is a novelty act this year it is her. I am told that Sharon is very fond of her and if it comes down to a vote she will save her. For me a great bet is Miss Dynamix at 10/1.

They are three girls without a history who have been put together for the show. Traditionally girls don’t vote for girl bands and boys don’t vote in the sort of numbers they need to stay in the competition. Gary has put a lot of effort in to Rough Copy and will save them and Kingsland will have a lot of support too.

So I think Miss Dynamix have a real chance of being in the bottom two and actually getting the chop. From the boys, the only one that I see in real trouble is Sam Callaghan. He is way behind Luke Friend and Nicholas on the talent stakes but his looks and charm may buy him a couple of weeks so probably not worth a punt at 9/1 just yet.

I can’t see any of Nicole’s girls going at the early stage of the competition and the first to go will ultimately be Abi Alton, who, let’s be honest is the weakest of the trio. But I will have a better idea by next Friday.

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