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Spoiler Alert! Lorna is the favourite to go, but there’s an 8/1 shot in the mix

by Josh Powell | October 11, 2013

Shhhh! Don’t tell Nicole but the Paddy Power Blog has a shadowy insider at X Factor. Each week The Spoiler dishes the dirt on what’s really going on behind the scenes and will (hopefully) provide some decent tips for you lot. We can’t do anything about how terrible the show is, but you might take some cash from Paddy…

It has not been a good week for X Factor hopeful Lorna Simpson. Not only did someone manage to track down a picture of her wielding a gun from her Facebook account, but now it appears she also worked in the adult entertainment industry. A well-placed source told me that the singer, who is 2/1 favourite to get the boot this weekend, is braced for the new revelations to come out this weekend. And she is already worried that her controversial past will cost her the series.

‘Lorna has been getting advice from Sharon all week’, said the source. ‘But she is well aware that someone has been calling the newspapers and dishing the dirt on her past. There is nothing she can do about that at the moment. She is concentrating on her performance for the weekend and that is all she can control.’

Lorna is not the only contestant in the overs category to be instantly affected by the show. Prison Officer and 10/1 shot to win the show, Sam Bailey, has been complaining about her sudden celebrity.  She has been bitching to camera crew that she can’t go anywhere without being mobbed and has asked for a security guard to accompany her on trips to the shops.

This doesn’t bode well for Sam’, said a show insider. ‘It is a bit early in the competition to be getting delusions of grandeur. You can be sure that Sharon won’t put up with it and the voting public won’t appreciate her diva tendencies.  Needless to say her request for security was immediately turned down.’

Mentor of the week has to go to Nicole Scherzinger who was spotted in the corridors of the studio reading her three girls the riot act over their rehearsals.  The Pussycat Doll cornered her three acts after Thursday’s studio dress rehearsals and gave them the sort of hair dryer treatment that Fergie would have been proud of.

Abi Alton was in tears’, said the source. ‘Of course Tamera didn’t seem to care and Hannah was devastated but I think Nicole was trying to give them a bit of a pep talk. She is in it to win it again this year and won’t take laziness from anyone. Tamera is already proving a tricky contestant and was slow to take instruction from her mentor.’

Louis Walsh has taken a different approach and is canvassing his final three. He has promised to get Sam to strip in a bid to wow the teenagers while Luke Friend will be visiting schools in his local area. Nicholas is going to be dispatched to Scotland and in a Brave heart style marketing campaign will be trying to harness the Scottish voting bloc.

Nicholas McDonald X Factor

Gary Barlow’s three bands have been grumbling about the amount of instruction they have received from him this week. The Take That singer has hit the promo schedule to help flog his new solo tour. As a result his acts have been getting the bare minimum of mentoring.

It’s 80s week and Ms Dynamix have been struggling to get a song they can all sing. Unfortunately for them Gary has not been available to them as much as the other judges and the girls have been incredibly vocal on set about their lack of direction. It is understandably why  they are upset because at 8/1 they are a good bet to be eliminated and I believe that they will probably be in the bottom two with Lorna.

Ms Dynamix X Fcator

The only thing that may save them from elimination is that one of the girls, SeSe Foster is pregnant and will probably get the sympathy vote from the judges.

This Saturday the new voting system kicks off with the lines opening for 10 minutes at the end of the programme. When they close the act with the least amount of votes will automatically go into Sunday night’s sing off and is locked out of the show.  I predict Lorna to go on Saturday and face Ms Dynamix in the sing off.

And when all the votes are tallied I feel that Lorna will be the first act to be given her marching orders.

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