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GIF: Liverpool’s Martin Skrtel scores a hi-larious own goal that’s not really Martin Skrtel’s fault

by Aidan Elder | October 12, 2013

Liverpool defender, Martin Skrtel was credited with scoring a horrendous/hilarious own goal while playing for Slovakia last night. Well, he was credited with scoring an own goal – we doubt FIFA categorise their own goals into ‘horrendous own goals’ and ‘normal own goals’.  That would be a waste of resources, even by FIFA’s standards.

It’s very cruel on him however as all he did was pass the ball back to his goalkeeper and expected his goalie to be able to execute the most basic skill of stopping the ball with his foot. Basic error, especially when that goalkeeper is Jan Mucha, a keeper who has got 180 minutes of league action since arriving at Everton in 2010. Now we understand why.

To make matters worse, it handed Greece the win that officially ended the Slovaks’ already Kate Moss slim chances of reach a playoff for a World Cup place. Bummer.

As the whole context of this blog post suggests, it didn’t happen, providing us with one highly amusing GIF and  one very bemused and tattooed central defender. Enjoy.



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