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VIDEO: Johan Elmander’s shameless cheating

by Aidan Elder | October 12, 2013

GRRR! Johan Elmander … you make us so mad.

Not for your generally pedestrian Premier League performances, more for this shameless bit of acting to get Stoke and Austria’s Marko Arnautovic sent off in the dying seconds of last night’s World Cup qualifier between Sweden and Austria.

Yeah, he didn’t really hit him and Elmander milked any slight bit of contact like a Karadashian milks even the slightest drama that happens in their lives for the sake of reality TV, but in fairness, it was a silly thing to do on the behalf of Arnautovic. Leaning your head in like that means only one of two things and judging by the lack of of Bacardi Breezers, bad disco lighting and power ballads playing at the time, it wasn’t a kiss.

Just a word of warning – the ‘action’ happens after two seconds. The rest of the clip is mainly an Austrian with a fashionable haircut looking incredibly bemused. Still though, it’s amusing.

A total #BallOfShame moment if there ever was one.


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