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VIDEO: Random player pulls a Thierry Henry to score an amazing goal

by Aidan Elder | October 12, 2013

Pulling a Thierry Henry‘ can mean several things, depending on how Irish and quick to forgive you are. As the Irish are (a) very Irish and (b) carry grudges like Gareth Bale carried Spurs last year, we still associate it with his horrendous cheating which denied us the chance of losing in a penalty shoot-out at the end of a World Cup play-off game in 2009.

But for other people with less of a chip on their shoulder, it could be a reference to one of the many amazing goals he scored while in an Arsenal shirt. And in this case, that’s exactly what it is, namely that goal he scored for the Gunners against Manchester United when he flicked the ball up for himself, turned and volleyed it over Fabian Barthez. This is similar, although admittedly in the somewhat less glamourous surroundings of American college soccer rather than the Premier League.

The clip says the goalscorer called James Murphy and with minimal evidence to counteract that claim, we’ll have to take the uploader’s word for it. The Ohio State Buckeyes’ own website description of the goal is almost as enjoyable as the goal itself, take the opportunity to use the word ‘nifty’. Although we’re less impressed by the use of the phrase ‘upper 90’.

Murphy had a nifty touch, flicking the ball up to his own foot, then rifled a shot to the upper 90 just past the outstretched arms of a diving goalkeeper

If you’re impatient, it happens 21 seconds in. Enjoy.

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