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MUST SEE GIF: Australia provide one of the all time comedy injury classics

by Aidan Elder | October 13, 2013

Earlier today, we posted one of the most amusing moments of ineptitude we’ve ever seen on a cricket field, but not longer after, we have well and truly trumped that.

Australia are playing their 1st ODI against India in Pune today and much to our surprise, the Aussies weren’t doing too badly. That was until they took their first wicket of the Indian innings, a regulation edge to the wicketkeeper, Brad Haddin.

Normally taking a wicket is a cause for celebration and it was in this case, but things soon turned sour as bowler James Faulkner went to celebrate with Haddin. Going for the standard ‘double high five’, one of the bowler’s fives went astray, landing squarely in Haddin’s eye. After extensive treatment, he eventually had to leave the game.

Let’s not be too harsh on them. They haven’t had too much practice of celebrating things in the recent past. Ouch for the eye and the pride. We wish the keeper all the best, but that won’t stop us struggling to stifle our laughing.


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