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VIDEO: Possibly the worst bit of cricket you’re ever likely to see

by Aidan Elder | October 13, 2013

When it comes down to the crunch in a nail-biting cricket match, you need calm and self-confidence. No-one ever really mentions ‘the ability to complete the most basic of tasks’ – that’s basically a given.

Sadly it wasn’t in evidence much as the game between South Australia and Tasmania came to a dramatic end. With Tasmania needing seven runs to win from the last over and just two wickets remaining, South Australia’s Kane Richardson looked like a had a freebie of a run out in his hands. With the non-striker’s end batsman so goosed he doesn’t even bother looking, all Richardson has to do is get close to the stumps and remove the bails.

He does the first part pretty well, but thereafter things go ever so slightly awry. From a distance of about two yards away, his gentle little underarm throw goes wide of the stumps for a gob-smackingly bad miss. South Australia ended up losing, but they can console themselves with the fact they’ve given us the biggest laugh we’ve had in cricket since we first saw Monty Panesar’s fielding.

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