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Cliff Richard, Oasis or Miley Cyrus? Find out how your music choice relates to your betting

by Josh Powell | October 14, 2013

The final World Cup Qualifiers are just around the corner, and by Tuesday night we’ll know whether it will be the beaches of Brazil or Blackpool for the teams next summer.

Tuesday’s games might not generate the excitement of a mid-week Champions League clash, but it does provide us with a whopper coupon, and a chance to see how your punting style relates to your choice of music.

Dance-floor legends, awkward foot-shufflers and over-excited headbangers, feast your eyes on these international five-folds.

The Banker 1/12

The safest bet of the night. It’s the equivalent of sticking on Cliff Richard at your Nan’s house and pouring a pot of tea. Nobody’s going to object, but equally, you’re hardly breaking new ground.

  • Greece to beat Liechtenstein 1/66
  • Portugal to beat Luxembourg 1/50
  • Hungary to beat Andorra 1/100
  • Ukraine to beat San Marino 1/100
  • Denmark to beat Malta 1/33

The Pop Star 13/5

A popular bet which plenty of people will get on board with. You’re one of the cool kids on the school bus. You know the song that went into number one on the charts at the weekend, and you learnt all the lyrics in one night. Well done you.

  • England to beat Poland 1/4
  • Spain to beat Georgia 1/16
  • Belgium to beat Wales 1/5
  • Bosnia and Herzegovina to beat Lithuania 1/3
  • Germany to beat Sweden 8/11

The Classic 8/1

An old favourite in everybody’s book. Over the years they’ve continually been some of the top performers who will still do the business today. This bet will get the same reaction as rocking up to a house party and sticking on Oasis – ‘Nice work pal!’

  • Holland to beat Turkey 7/4
  • Germany to beat Sweden 8/11
  • Spain to beat Georgia 1/16
  • England to beat Poland 1/4
  • Italy to beat Armenia 3/10

The Hipster 72/1

You don’t go with popular convention, you avoid ‘the label’ and you value yourself on identifying the latest trends before they go ‘lame-stream’. Get yourself to an indie club, wear skinny jeans in all different colours, and be ironic. This is the bet for you.

  • Belgium to beat Wales 1/5
  • Switzerland to beat Slovenia 21/20
  • Holland to beat Turkey 7/4
  • Sweden to beat Germany 15/4
  • Croatia to beat Scotland 5/4

The Controversial 92/1

A maverick choice with potential flaws all over the place, but with the slim chance of being a winner. Imagine whacking Miley Cyrus on in the reception after your grandparents have renewed their wedding vows – anything could happen, but the odds suggest it won’t go down well.

  • Norway to beat Iceland 6/4
  • Switzerland to beat Slovenia 21/20
  • Turkey to beat Holland 11/8
  • Latvia to beat Slovakia 23/10
  • Bulgaria to beat Czech Republic 13/10

The Homegrown Hero 480/1

The patriotic punters cash in during international week. Play some Daniel O’Donnell in a small pub in Donegal, whack on the Proclaimers in a Uni bar in Edinburgh or belt out some Bonnie Tyler in Swansea. The locals will hail you for the rest of the night.

  • England to beat Poland 1/4
  • Northern Ireland to beat Israel 6/1
  • Wales to beat Belgium 12/1
  • Ireland to beat Kazakhstan 4/11
  • Scotland to beat Croatia 21/10

The Ridiculous 157,002,038/1
(maximum return limits will apply!)

You love anything that is slightly mental, and spend every night praying that it will become a global sensation. Every once in a while, someone finds their ‘Gangnam Style’ of punting, but these occurrences are few and far between.

  • San Marino to beat Ukraine 66/1
  • Georgia to beat Spain 33/1
  • Malta to beat Denmark 40/1
  • Andorra to beat Hungary 40/1
  • Luxembourg to beat Portugal 40/1

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