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Facebook just got even more awesome thanks to Paddy Power In-Play

by Josh Powell | October 15, 2013

Facebook is class. Where else where can you see a former school friend’s beach photos, watch the latest hilarious viral video, or find out how your cousin’s friend’s brother that you met once at a party is doing in his A-Levels?

All from the comfort of your bathroom throne.

Well Facebook has got even more awesome thanks to Paddy Power In-Play. The world’s first and only real money sports betting App on Facebook. Yeah, suck on that FarmVille.

It’s not just us who say it either, our online boss Peter Donovan thinks it’s pretty cool and Facebook are clearly chuffed to be working with us. Whether that is because of our App or due to our ridiculously beautiful hair is up for debate.


OH KEVIN: Probably a wise example of a bet to challenge. Everybody laugh at Kevin.

With Paddy Power In-Play you can now bet on real sports events, challenge your mates, brag about your punting prowess and possibly pick up a winner or two on the way. You can show off your bets to your pals on Facebook thanks to the nerds at Power Tower and the super-sports-betting-social-gloatfest-extravaganza which is In-Play.

Candy Crush is so last month.

Here’s a few key features on our new App which make betting and bragging easier than posting a hilarious picture of a cat in a trilby.

  • Awards: You can win awards for betting, chatting, copying, following and lots more.
  • Challenges: Free bet ‘Challenges’ are unlocked when you win awards. Now’s your chance to challenge mates with free money from Paddy!
  • Terrace Talk: A chat-zone to share tips, brag about winnings and chin-wag about the live games taking place.
  • Heat index: Flames = hot streak. Keep an eye-out for burning flames and jump on punter’s streaks before they go cold.
  • Leaderboard: See how you stack-up against your mates and the top bettors on In-Play!
  • Activity Feed: A list of details on your mates bets, awards, wins and losses.
  • Bet Scanner: Copy or Challenge bets placed by people you follow with a quick click of a button
HOT STUFF: four for you Chris O'Neill. You go Chris O'Neill

HOT STUFF: four for you Chris O’Neill. You go Chris O’Neill

We know the last thing you want is your Nan seeing your betting activity – strange that you don’t mind her seeing you at a Ping Pong show in Thailand on your gap year, but still, we understand. That’s why the only people who see your bets are the friends you choose to share with. Plus the financial side of it is always kept private.

Plus there’s a free bet bundle worth up to £100 for all new users of Paddy Power In-Play, just to get you started. We’re pretty good like that. There are also all the usual Paddy Power Money Back Specials and our exclusive ‘Challenges’ give you the chance to earn free bets as you go.



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