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GIF: Ouch! Here’s Neymar whacking an opponent in the testicles

by Aidan Elder | October 15, 2013

Getting hurt in the name of playing in a meaningless friendly is bad enough. Getting hurt in the name of playing a meaningless friendly when the referee has already blown the half-time whistle is even worse.

That’s the lesson we’re taking from today’s match between Brazil and Zambia. Not for the first time in his life, Neymar comes across as a petulant twerp, walloping the ball into the testicles of a poor unfortunate Zambian player who heard the half-time whistle and was clearly already thinking about his half-time orange and not even considering the potential of getting a firmly struck ball in the testicles.

There’s an important less in there, gents – you may be thinking about oranges, but never forget about your plums.

Brazil won 2-0 if anyone cares. The state of the Zambian player’s testicles are unknown.

And here it is from a different, but no less painful angle:



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