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X Factor Spoiler: Stripping, fall-outs and a group in trouble

by Josh Powell | October 15, 2013

Shhhh! Don’t tell Nicole but the Paddy Power Blog has a shadowy insider at X Factor. Each week The Spoiler dishes the dirt on what’s really going on behind the scenes and will (hopefully) provide some decent tips for you lot. We can’t do anything about how terrible the show is, but you might take some cash from Paddy…

Lorna v Shelley

GOODNIGHT VIENNA: Lorna Simpson became the first casualty last week

Lorna Simpson cut a lonely figure backstage at the X Factor on Sunday night. She lost in the sing-off to Shelley Smith, the bubbly single mother from Devon, who is also in Osbourne’s over-25s category.

Her dreams of winning the competition lay in tatters and already her mentor Sharon had moved on to more pressing matters—booking a late night restaurant for her daughter Kelly and brushing her Pomeranian’s matted hair. She was a far cry from the woman who abstained from voting two hours previously, due to an emotional conflict.

But hey, that’s Showbusiness.

I watched as the tears streamed down her face as Lorna packed her bags and prepared to go back to her life, forever to be known as an X Factor cast off. Such is the gruesome reality of the show and you can understand why the acts take things so seriously.

It may also explain why Shelly and Sam Bailey are no longer talking. Shelly believes that Sharon has invested all her time in Sam, and feels shunned by her mentor.

This year the final eight make it on to the tour, which has a windfall of approx. £100,000 per act. This has led to some tension in the X Factor house.

‘You are always going to get friction when you put 12 acts in one house’, said a well-placed source. ‘Rough Copy and Kingsland Road aren’t the best of friends and neither are Sam and Lorna. But that is to be expected. They are in competition against each other. It lends to a negative vibe in the house and can turn very quickly into a problem for the judges.’

Who’s for the chop?

Next weekend, love and heartbreak are the themes and the guest performers will be Katy Perry and Robin Thicke (minus twerking Miley). Shelly, despite ending up in the bottom two courtesy of the Saturday night flash vote, will be well suited to this category.

If she is in the bottom two she will ultimately get voted off, however , there is usually a sympathy vote for the person who survives the sing off and she may be safe.

GOODBYE GIRLS: Ms Dynamix are unlikely to make it past this weekend's show

GOODBYE GIRLS: Ms Dynamix are unlikely to make it past this weekend’s show

I really think Miss Dynamix are in trouble this week. They have not managed to captivate the public and are not really gelling as a threesome. At 13/8 they are raging hot favourites to get the boot. I doubt if even SeSe Foster’s pregnancy can save them and if they are in the bottom two with anyone but Shelly then they are definitely out.

I have also been told that Sam Callaghan, in a bid to take all the focus away from his dodgy vocals, is planning a strip tease this weekend.  It will be more Chippendale than Full Monty but he is prepared to do anything to get to the top eight.

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