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Ball of Shame: Utility striker comes up against a dodgy shower

by Paddy Power Admin | October 16, 2013

Matthew Strutte | Ball of Shame

Premier League players have it easy. After a big game they can retire to the security of their well-equipped mansions, whatever the result. This isn’t the case in sunny Tajikistan where Ahtam Hamroqulov found that scoring twice against his old team would leave him in *cough* cold water.

Ahtam used to play for Vakhsh in his hometown Qurgonteppa but then transferred to neighbours Regar-TadAZ. When then two sides met in their Tajikistan Cup semi-final earlier this month Ahtam scored twice in Regar’s victory.

shower, ball of shame

Suitably pleased, Ahtam returned home with two team-mates to the house he shares with his parents back in Qurgonteppa (hey, who are we to judge?)

On arrival he found a group of men who introduced themselves as representatives of the city’s public works office. The unwelcome guests claimed Ahtam owed more than $600 to the local authority and, despite his protestations only left the property once they had cut off the electricity and water and stolen the meters.

Ahtam was incandescent: “I always pay my utility bills, 100%, and I keep the receipts so I told them to take their bills and leave”.

Mirzo Ashurov, head of the Qurgonteppa’s water and sewage department, confirmed the incident had taken place but claimed not to know who Ahtam was and stressed there was “no personal agenda in regards to his power and water being cut off”. That smells a bit Ball of Shame to us, or maybe that’s just the uncollected bins.

(Source via the Guardian)

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