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GIF: Referee provides some hi-larious schoolyard style pranking

by Aidan Elder | October 16, 2013

The minnows always have it tough when they come up against the big boys, no matter what the level. When the Faroe Islands U21 team traveled to Kassel to take on their German counterparts, they may have expected the odd 50-50 call to go against them, but they probably weren’t expecting this.

After a bit of a schamozzle in the first half, the referee, Dennis Antamo, came steaming in to sort out some not especially dangerous squaring up to each other. But his attempts clam things weren’t much help to the Faroes’ Brandur Olsen, who was the accidental victim of that most classic of schoolyard pranks, the ‘being pushed backwards while there’s someone on the ground behind you’. It’s probably got a catchier name than that, but the kids in our schools weren’t especially creative, so that’s what we called it.

Dennis the Menace’s shove was minimal, but when you’ve got a German on the ground behind you, it’s more than enough to send him flying.  We wish we were too mature to find this hilarious, but we’re not. Tee hee!
In fairness, the Faroes gave the Germans a run for the money, only losing 3-2 courtesy of a 82nd minute German winner.

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