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The worst Ball of Shame moments in history revealed in 8-bit!

by Josh Powell | October 18, 2013

Mad, bad and downright outrageous behavior is nothing new in top flight football. Biting, fighting, ball boy battering, fake players and cheating Frenchmen – we’re surrounded by Ball of Shame antics.

Paddy Power have gone one step further combining modern football with some 50,000 volt tasers and thrown notorious bad boy Joey Barton in to the mix. If you haven’t seen the results yet, what have you been doing all day?! Catch up on the video here.

Our good friends at 8-Bit Football have also been working on the top 10 Ball of Shame moments and the complete list is here for your amusement. If we’ve missed any out give @paddypower a good ear-bashing on Twitter. He deserves it.

Hazard’s ball boy bashing

Top BOS moments - Hazard

Lampard’s goal that never was

Top BOS moments - Lampard

Gazza gets his manhood readjusted

Top BOS moments - Gazza

Ali Dia makes his Southampton debut!

Top BOS moments - Ali Dia

Alf-Inge Haaland meets Roy Keane

Top BOS moments - Keane

Henry is a frog-eating cheater

Top BOS moments - Henry

Qatar get the World Cup

Top BOS moments - Blatter

Zidane’s World Cup nightmare

Top BOS moments - Zidane

Cantona goes kung-fu fighting

Top BOS moments - Cantona

Maradonna and the hand of God

Top BOS moments - Maradona


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