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EXCLUSIVE: Fergie uses his new book to offer advice to Moyes and Manchester United

by Aidan Elder | October 21, 2013

Sir Alex Ferguson’s long awaited autobiography is released this Thursday, but with David Moyes struggling to fill his predecessor’s sizeable boots, we’ve got exclusive proof that Fergie has done an about face and is set to publish something altogether more useful for his replacement.

While we’d all like to know how he managed to turn certain referees into lifelike zombies doing his every will, the United legend has served up something slightly different and potentially more beneficial to his former club. Featuring bright colours and easy to understand pointers, it can turn even the most of unconvincing defensively-minded former managers of mid-table clubs into potential league and Champions League winners.

Well, maybe not, but after taking one point from home games against West Brom and Southampton, anything is worth a shot.


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