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X Factor betting: Why Miss Dynamix are doomed and Luke needs more friends

Shhhh! Don’t tell Gary but the Paddy Power Blog has a shadowy insider at X Factor. Each week The Spoiler dishes the dirt on what’s really going on behind the scenes and will (hopefully) provide some decent tips for you lot

by Paul Mallon | October 25, 2013

X Factor is set to have more shocks and low blows this weekend than a Don King boxing match.

On Sunday night Lady Gaga (below) will perform on the show, much to the chagrin of Sharon Osbourne.

The X Factor judge was caught up in a feud last year in which her daughter, Kelly, received an overwhelming number of abusive and hate-filled tweets from Gaga’s ‘little monsters’, after making a comment about the singer on her reality show, Fashion Police.

Lady Gaga

Protest planned for Lady Gaga

Mrs O blames the singer for the online trolling and even went so far as to call her a ‘spoiled rich bitch’ in her new book. The Paddy Power Blog’s sources say she is planning a protest on Sunday night when Gaga takes to the stage.

“Sharon is fuming that she has been allowed on the show,” says our mole. “She asked the producers to cancel the spot but of course that wasn’t going to happen. So instead Sharon is planning to upstage the performance.”

There was a rumour doing the rounds backstage on Friday that Sharon would walk off after the performance or refuse to stand up and applaud. We believe that whatever she does, Louis Walsh will also do, as he is keen to show solidarity with Sharon after voting Shelly off last week.

One thing is for certain, you can expect fireworks on Sunday (and it won’t be from the pyrotechnics).

Kingsland Road should avoid flash vote

As regards the next elimination, Paddy Power has Miss Dynamix at 11/10 to get the boot this week. I’ll eat my blacked-out hat if they are still in the show on Monday morning. They have been given the cold shoulder all week in the house after SeSe’s antics last weekend.

We’ve been told that many of the contestants don’t believe she was suffering from panic attacks and simply pulled a stroke because the trio were struggling with their song. There will be nowhere for them to hide this weekend and when they face the public we firmly believe they will be in the bottom two — and more than likely lose the flash vote on Saturday.

Kingsland Road are 3/1 to get the boot this weekend but we don’t think that will happen. They will get a bit of a boost after last weekend’s tense sing off and will avoid the bottom two. Luke Friend (9/1 to get the boot; 8/1 bottom of flash vote) could be in trouble as despite his talent, he has been struggling to connect with the public. This possibly means they won’t vote which could see him in Sunday’s sing off.

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