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Free £/€5 Football Bet for playing Paddy Power Vegas

by Rob Dore | October 29, 2013

‘A little less conversation, a little more action’ is one of the marketing taglines being used with this free bet offer. We here on the Paddy Power Blog tend to prefer a lot more conversation and even more action. We don’t always get said action but gosh darn it if we don’t lose our minds with joy when it comes our way. Read in to that what you will.

If you too like action, particularly the gambling kind, then it only makes sense that more action is better than less action. That’s just maths.

Paddy Power Vegas are offering all new players the opportunity to pick up a free £/€5 football bet to place on any match available on Any match which hasn’t already finished. You’d be surprised how often we need to say that.

Here’s how to earn your free bet in five insultingly easy steps.

  1. Download the Paddy Power Vegas app to your smartphone or tablet for free.
  2. Set up an account and opt in here.
  3. Place a £/€1 bet.
  4. Get free £/€5 sports bet.
  5. Feel smug.

If you already have a Paddy Power account you don’t need to set up a new one. As long as this is your first bet you qualify. Also it’s really important to OPT-IN. It’s so important the Vegas guys have been harassing us with emails containing the term OPT-IN in all caps, bold and in some cases a different colour.

There’s no need to limit your conversation or your action with Paddy Power Vegas. Download the app today and you can kick off your week with a free football bet. Sorry I had to squeeze one terrible pun in there somewhere.

Terms and conditions apply.


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