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X Factor betting: Kingsland Road are next for the chop (but Abi won’t be far behind)

The Paddy Power Blog has a shadowy insider at X Factor who reveals that Miley Cyrus, Gary Lightbody and Taylor Swift are show-bound. Don't let that put you off winning a few quid though with our tips...

by Paul Mallon | October 29, 2013

There was plenty of drama backstage at X Factor over the weekend, and it had very little to do with the eliminations on stage.

Your mole was present to witness the row between Lady Gaga and Sharon Osbourne as it raged off screen on Saturday night.

Sharon discovered the singer had put a clause in her contract which prohibited the camera panning to Mrs O during Gaga’s performance (below).

Lady Gaga with horns

Gaga’s bid to bury the hatchet

As a result, she threatened to walk off the show on Sunday night. Incredibly, Gaga’s management reached out to the X Factor judge on Saturday night. Sharon was at GAY in London to watch last weekend’s eliminated finalist Shelly perform. Gaga was also there to sing four tracks from her new album and was looking to bury the hatchet (not in her back). She asked to speak to Sharon in private but Sharon initially refused.

But Gaga insisted Sharon come backstage to her dressing room and she apologised face-to-face.

Gaga also phoned Kelly Osbourne in LA and said sorry for the Twitter campaign that started the row in the first place.

That is the series of events that led to the hug on Sunday night’s show. Showbiz, eh?

Dermot O'Leary at X Factor 2013

(Above, our mole was in spitting distance of Dermot O’Leary but sadly couldn’t get off a good shot)

Simon Cowell’s ratings concern

Now the other main talking point last weekend was Simon Cowell’s intervention at the ratings slipping.

He summoned the four judges to a meeting on Saturday afternoon before the show and read them the riot act. He fumed that they were being too nice and insisted they need to be MORE critical of the acts. He also insisted the flash vote on the Saturday night is not working.

Our source backstage said that Simon is actually considering axing the flash vote completely from the show.

“Simon hates the flash vote,” said one of our sources. “He thinks it is hindering the ratings and wants it axed. The executive producers are worried that if they scrap it, it will look like they are panicking so they are desperate to keep it. But ultimately Simon has the final say and it is only a matter of time before they scrap it.

“That will mean that deadlock will come back in to play and the Sunday night sing-off will be even more exciting.”

Cheerio, boys…

Next weekend is disco week and the Paddy Power Blog has been told that Gary Lightbody (of Snow Patrol) will be performing with Taylor Swift. Miley Cyrus will also be singing in the coming weeks, as will One Direction. Shriek, etc.

Now, down to the business end of things. With Miss Dynamix out of the competition the act we believe is most likely to face the chop next has to be Kingsland Road. It will be a close battle between them and Abi but we reckon the boy band has come to a cul de sac in the competition.

Sam Callaghan won’t be far behind but our money is on the group and Abi in the bottom two this week. Paddy Power has Abi at 15/8 favourite to go out but we disagree.

If it comes to the judges’ vote they will opt to vote away the group. Kingsland Road are 11/4 to be eliminated and that, for me, is the better bet.

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