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The top 10 fallers of all time – including hi-larious GIFS and videos for your amusement

Paddy Power is refunding losing bets if your horse falls at the last jump throughout November. What better way to celebrate than by laughing at these people face-planting over and over again

by Josh Powell | October 31, 2013

Nick Collins live on Sky Sports outside Wembley. Steve Morrow celebrating on Tony Adams’ shoulders after Arsenal won the 1993 League Cup Final. Stuart McCall off the top of an old banger in the Bradford City car park.

Quite often when famous people fall, it’ll result in widespread joy, Twitter will meltdown and before you know it there is an animated GIF of the incident that will haunt the unfortunate A-lister for the rest of their life.

But when it’s a horse you have money on taking a tumble at the final fence, it’s the equivalent of taking a sharp kick to the balls. That’s not funny in the slightest. So every day in November, Paddy Power is refunding losing bets if your horse falls at the last jump in any race in the UK and Ireland. Unlike those guys you can bounce back with cash in your wallet.

To, ahem, celebrate, The Paddy Power Blog team have compiled a list of our favourite fallers of all time, proving that nothing is as funny as a giddy Bradford City manager falling off the top of someones old motor.

Unlike these guys, you can bounce back with cash in your pocket.

1. Nick Collins takes a tumble on Sky Sports News

Nick Collins

2. David Dunn hits the deck failing to control a football

3. Steve Morrow falls off Tony Adams’ shoulders celebrating a League Cup win in 1993

Steve morrow

4. Model Naomi Campbell suffers a catwalk fail

Naomi Campbell

5. Felix Baumgartner ‘falls’ out of a helium balloon (admittedly it is a stylish, record-breaking fall. But it’s still a fall)


6. ‘Devon Loch can’t lose’

7. RTE news proving that even a serious news story can make us LOL

RTE slip

8. The Berlin wall crashes down in 1989


9. Stuart McCall celebrates Bradford’s successful promotion with a heavy fall

Stu McCall

10. And finally this hipster faceplants his cappuccinos



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