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Vote for us because we need to validate our enormous egos

Here's how you can do it

by Aidan Elder | November 1, 2013

Yes we know we’ve pestered you to vote for us already, but it’s quite a convoluted system the organisers have going on and we have to play ball if we want the night of free booze and shameless flirting to win the award.

The good news is that it’s very simple to vote for us and once you do it, we will owe you one which we fully intend to pay you back. Either in this life or the next. Most likely the next to be honest because we’re planning to come back as wealthy tyrants with the means to actually reward your support.

YOU: “Hi Mr. Wealthy Tyrant. I voted for you to win a Football Blogging Award in my previous life.”
US: “Oh thank you, loyal subject. Here, have Italy. And may I recommend the bunga-bunga parties.”

You know, that sort of thing.

So anyway, we want you to vote for us and without your help we’re left with nothing but paycheques that don’t adequately reflect to enormity of our brilliance.

There’s three ways to vote (well, there’s four actually, but we reckon there are about 14 people in the world on Sportslobster) and here they are, ranked patronisingly in order of which method we think you’ll find most straightforward.

Why not vote via all three methods? We can’t see anything prohibiting it in the rules and it feels nice to give the rule book one in the eye every now and then.

#1 Facebook

Since we’re all mindlessly doing what Mark Zuckerberg wants, we’re practically always on Facebook these days. Why not put it to better use than seeing your friends’ children dressed up in ‘adorable’ Halloween costumes? To vote on Zuckerbook simply:

  • Go to the poll section of Football Blogging Awards Facebook page,
    (you may need to Like the page to get to it)
  • Scroll down to the Best Football Gambling Blog and find the Paddy Power Blog option
  • Select it, ignore everything else on the page because we’re selfish and hit the SUBMIT button at the bottom

Job done. Thanks.

#2 Email

Email’s still cool. Email’s still relevant. If you’re not a fan of these fancy pants social media thingamabobs, you can use good old fashioned email to vote. Again, it’s simples.

  • Go to the HOW TO VOTE section of the Football Blogging Awards website,
  • Stick your email address in the text box (that’s where the big yellow arrow is meant to be pointing).
    Don’t worry, they won’t spam you
  • They send you an e-mail, you find the bit where you see the Paddy Power Blog name, select the button beside it, scroll down, ignore everything else and hit SUBMIT

Job done again. Thanks again.

#3 Twitter


Not everyone bothers with Twitter, so we included it at the bottom for that reason. It’s actually probably the most simple of the lot to use to be honest. All you to is:

  • Copy the phrase “I am voting in @TheFBAs for @PaddyPowerBlog as the Best Football #Gambling Blog”, paste it to Twitter and hit TWEET
  • Er … that’s about it

That’s probably the easiest of the lot.

Retweeting someone else’s vote – while it’s a lovely thing to do – doesn’t actually help us. If you’re going to vote, it needs to be a proper vote from your own account. It’s a pain in the arse and it makes you look like a bit of a corporate shill, but this modern world is so fast-paced and transient, your shill-iness won’t be noticed for long.

Thanks for your help. Hopefully some good karma will drift in your general direction for your good deed.


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