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Abi Alton’s tears won’t save her this week and Kingsland Road are on borrowed time

The Paddy Power Blog has an informer at X Factor who says that it's looking bleak for Abi Alton. A crying girl with daisies in her hair might not be ideal Saturday night TV, but it could pocket you some cash...

by Josh Powell | November 2, 2013

It will take a hell of a lot more than tears to save Abi Alton this weekend. The singer, who ended up in floods of tears on stage after last weekend’s shaky performance, was given a lifeline when she broke down after some cutting comments from Sharon Osbourne.

But according to my moles, the singer is favourite amongst X Factor staff and the judging panel, not only to lose the flash vote but also to go on Sunday night. Paddy Power has her at 15/8 to get the boot and I think that is smart money.

End of the Road

PP also has Sam Callaghan at the top of the market to be heading for the exit and while I think he could be in trouble, my sources tell me that it will be Kingsland Road who will face the sing off for the second time.  As it is disco week, they feel that Sam will put in a stronger performance and will just about get through by the skin of his teeth. Although, his future in the competition does not look bright and he is certainly in the relegation battle.

Kingsland Road have had a tough week and with mentor Gary Barlow spending the bulk of it entertaining the troops in Afghanistan, they have been forced to go it alone. It is with this in mind that I have them in the bottom two with Abi, but only just.

Gone in a flash

I am also hearing that one part of the show that is up for the chop is the flash vote itself. My moles tell me that Simon Cowell feels that it is a big part of the reason why the ratings on Saturday night have been slipping and he has called for it to be axed. ITV have been fighting to keep it in a bid to save face, but there is a real possibility that it will go in the next week or so.

‘Simon has told the channel that it isn’t working and that it needs to go’, said my source. ‘He prefers the option of deadlock and believes that it creates more tension. In his opinion the flash vote is clogging up the Saturday night show and turning people off and he wants it to go. ITV are fighting it but in general what Simon wants, he generally tends to get.’

Are you ready for love?

Another big U-turn I am hearing about comes from one of the major acts that is due to perform. According to one of my sources, The Rocket Man, Elton John has agreed to sign up for the grand final in London. Remember Elton famously said he would never perform on the X Factor as he didn’t agree with the mantra of the talent show.  

This would be a major coup for the producers as he would be joining One Direction in the grand final. PP is running odds on the viewing figures for the grand final and with these two heavy weights I think there is a big possibility that it will peak between 14,000,001-16,000,000. The odds for this are 9/2 and I will definitely be having a punt on that this weekend.

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