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Sock it to them! Shoe-less man scores a sweet backheel

Who needs the latest Adidas boots? In fact why use boots at all when you can do this in your socks...

by Josh Powell | November 3, 2013

Not many people would have settled down to watch the Austrian second division on Friday night, meaning the majority of us would have missed this bizarre goal from Thierry Fidjeu.

Our pal Thierry plays for Horn (tee-hee) and opened the scoring on Friday against St Polten in very strange circumstances. After making a fairly half-arsed attempt to go up for a header the striker lost his boot in the challenge and had a bit of a chin-wag to the referee – presumably to politely voice his opinion about a Horn free-kick.

Play continued though and Horn headed for goal. Carrying his boot in his hand, Fidjeu made his way into the area before slipping and falling flat on his arse. Still not deterred he got to his feet just in time to backheel a wayward shot into the back of the net.

It didn’t really matter in the grand scheme of things as Horn ended up getting beat 5-2 in a seven-game thriller, but it does give us something quite entertaining to watch while we enjoy our Sunday dinner.


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