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Ball of Shame: Partizan fans light up Belgrade … literally

by Sean Goff | November 4, 2013

If you thought one flare at a Premier League game was going too far – you might want to look away now as deadly Belgrade rivals Red Star clashed with Partizan.

Despite the authorities ripping up seats in the visitors’ end to prevent this type of pyromania – the Partizan fans set fire to anything that would burn as the video below shows.

The ref was forced to halt the game for 10 mintutes early in the second half as fire crews doused the flames and stopped the choking smoke filling the stadium.

Red Star dominated but had to rely on a freak own goal for victory in the ‘Eternal Derby’.

How former Manchester United player Eric Djemba-Djemba must have longed for his nights on the bench under the Old Trafford floodlights.


Ball of Shame
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